Arizona concern grows amid Coronavirus Pandemic

by | Apr 7, 2020 | Government & Regulations

Coronavirus is spreading fast in other states, meanwhile Arizonans havent heard from Governer Doug Ducey since the town hall last thursday and many people are wondering what will be the next response to Coronavirus. The worst of the pandemic is still ahead of us and many are still waiting to hear more from our states leaders. Gov. Ducey tweeted about a call with Vice President Mike Pence this morning but didn’t provide more details.

The tweet fails to mention what they talked about exactly. He also made no mention about Wells Fargo’s announcement to no longer accept Paycheck Protection loans for businesses with more then 50 employees. Many small businesses are frustrated with the loan process and are looking to the governor to provide relief. Many are still concerned about which businesses have been declared essential.

Very few people have been tested in Arizona and its hard to say if we are reaching the end.